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SEO is dead?

Not a morsel of truth in this one. According to research, SEO is the #1 driver of traffic to sites,

 beating social media by more than 300%.

SEO gives you invaluable insight into user behaviour, giving you a better understanding of what your audience searches for and how they go about it.

SEO is vital for any business, in any industry. Successful SEO practice will secure huge amounts of traffic with a few choice keywords, or you can draw in super-relevant traffic by chasing long-tail variations. It’s adaptable to the size of your business, allowing you to tailor campaigns according to your desired growth.

It’s not dead. It changes constantly, and we must act quickly to keep up. Whether you’re vying for that top spot or building your backlink profile, SEO is a key focus.


SEO is as important to a website as oxygen is to life. You run out of it and you are in danger. You cannot forget or avoid it.

This necessity makes your website so much livelier. Whoever tells you SEO is a myth is lying to you. Don’t ignore it and if you are in search of experts, you know who to call!

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SEO is dead?

Not a morsel of truth in this one. According to research, SEO is the #1 driver

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