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Innovate or Bust

Pay attention to this. It is a life or death situation!

The world is changing and so is the way we do business. Forget whatever you know or use to do. Welcome to the new school. Yes, it is a life or death situation, at least for your business.

Once upon a time, paper fliers were great for advertising. The jingle on the radio and big ads on TV. You probably have so much information about how they worked and pulled in millions of dollars in profit for brands who used them. What you don’t know is that that age is passing.

Something else is pulling in billions of dollars for smart businesses today and if you find yourself struggling to generate leads, it simply is because you aren’t using it.

We present to you two choices, upscale your business or watch the competition do better than you.

We know you won’t choose the death of your business, nobody will. So we gladly give you the secret you’ve been waiting for. Your best choice to level up and generate more sales and make more profit than you can imagine. We present to you the holy grail of marketing – Online Advertising


Every day, 2.6 billion people use social media. That is 2.6 billion chances of bringing home a sale. If you are not getting a good share of this huge number, it means you are not trying to and that is what you need to start doing.

Online advertising simply is using online channels to deliver promotional content. Don’t believe all those stories about it being all for entertainment. Billions of dollars in profit is clear evidence that this works.

If an image speaks more than a thousand words, put this image where all can see it.

Social media lets you do much more than putting up images, they let you put up videos that arrest your customers and make them give you their money. Yes! Videos have 40% more conversion rates than text or images.

Upscale your business now and take it to the next level with platforms like TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter ads.

Remember that every new day someone who needs your product or service signs up or logs on to these platforms but they will never see what you have to offer and you know why? It is because you are not there.



It really would be useless if you have worked so hard to make your product or service the best and nobody gets to see it. We will call that a waste of time and effort. Pure shame!

Answer this honest question; Can the world really see you? If you are in the Catering business in Toronto and I search for ‘best caterer in Toronto’ do you think your business will show up on a search engine like Google? Does your answer show you need a serious game-changer? Then stop sitting down and come get help.

It is no use if people can’t find you online. This is the new marketplace and for you to survive here you need to clearly show your presence. It is the only way to save your business from dying.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO allows your business to rank on search engines and become visible to people who need you.

At HellMedia, we have helped countless businesses find their place in the digital world with online advertising and SEO. We want you to succeed and we are willing to help.

Enjoy our special offer of a free 30-minutes consultation and watch as we help you get more sales than you can handle.

Call us now on 6478124613

AND NOW in 2023?

The Benefits of SEO During an Economic Recession

When most businesses cut back on their marketing efforts during a recession, this presents an opportunity for those who continue investing in SEO. As competition decreases and prices drop due to reduced demand, businesses with strong SEO strategies have the ability to capture more market share. By leveraging keyword research and optimizing your website content for specific search terms, you can increase your visibility and gain an edge over competitors who are lowering their digital marketing budget during the recession. Additionally, not only does SEO allow you to reach new customers during a period of low consumer spending, but it also allows you to build relationships with existing customers by providing relevant content about your products and services throughout the year.

Recessions come with uncertainty and tough choices – especially when it comes to marketing budgets – but investing in search engine optimization (SEO) is one decision that could pay off big time down the road. By leveraging keyword research and optimizing website content with relevant terms, businesses can stay visible during periods of low consumer spending while also building relationships with current customers through relevant content updates all year long. Investing in SEO today could very well be the difference between success and failure tomorrow – so don’t wait; start building up your online presence now!

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Innovate or Bust

Pay attention to this. It is a life or death situation! The world is changing