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Want To Get The Best From Google Ads? Go Negative!

If you know anything on PPC ads you should know that keywords are the backbones on which these ads thrive. Keywords are the only way to take your ads to those who search for them. So why should anybody be interested in negative keywords?

With regular keywords, it is impossible to stop your ad from showing up for unrelated search and this is where 75% of ad budget goes down in the drain. Right before your eyes, your budget is wasted without giving you your desired result. This is where negative keywords come in.

75% of our new customers are desperate for a solution because before knowing us, they were not paying attention to negative keywords. So what are negative keywords? Negative keywords are those keywords you add to your account that you don’t want your ads to show for.

Say for example you make beautiful dresses. However, you do not make shoes or render any service or product associated with footwear. A negative keyword to add to your account will be shoes, footwear etc. While it is related to fashion, it has nothing to do with your service. So when someone searches for those keywords you have excluded, your ad will NEVER come up. Mission accomplished!

Best Ways To Search Out Negative Keywords

Sometimes these keywords come out naturally, you just know what you don’t want. Other times, they require a bit of research. Beyond the Google Keyword Planner, integrating Google Analytics into your strategy offers profound insights. By analyzing traffic sources and user behavior, you can identify not only potential negative keywords but also understand the broader context of your audience’s search intent. This dual approach, leveraging both Google Keyword Planner and Google Analytics, ensures a more informed and comprehensive strategy for pinpointing those crucial negative keywords.

Another excellent tool for searching out negative keywords is SQR. This is the acronym for Search Query Report. This tool gives you insight into popular searches. So you can consider searches related to your business and select keywords you don’t want your ads to show for.

You can think of this as the ultimate negative keyword finder.

When excluding keywords, you need to thinking carefully about how you want to exclude them. There are different ways and with these different ways comes different consequences.

If you want to exclude one term completely, then you exclude it as an exact match. If you will rather exclude it in a context, then a phrase match will work best. However, if your desire is to exclude it in any context using a combination of words, then a broad match will work best. However, when using a broad match remember to be as clear as possible to get the best results.

The point of call is the level at which you want these keywords excluded. At the ad group and campaign level, the keyword is excluded only for this level. However, if you select a  negative keyword list, you can rest assured that ads on that account will never come up for those words.

I will take a moment to expose how some digital marketers are practically setting your budget ablaze so they can earn quick bucks. When your ads pop up for unrelated searches, it eats into your budget and that quickly exhausts your allocation without you getting the desired result. So this is basically the case of someone caring 90% about their pocket and 10% about the growth and success of your campaign because digital marketers bill per 15% to 25% of the total amount spent on Ad. This is why they will be quiet about negative keywords because they know it is good business for you and bad business for them. Most digital marketers refuse to tell customers of this as it brings more profit to them but really, your budget and ads pay for it.

Google Ads is a beautiful place to show yourself to the world so if you run ads and see no result, you should seriously think about changing your digital marketer because he simply is not giving you the best in Google Ads management. Your strategy is screwed.

Here is your chance to turn things around. Hop on a free 30-minutes consultation will our expert at HellMedia, Toronto’s brightest digital marketing agency, and see how we remove the blinding veil from your eyes and show you what real results look like.

Don’t get pushed under the bus by a wannabe digital marketer who really doesn’t care if your business is screwed as long as they get cold dollars in their pocket. If your expected ROI doesn’t match what his strategy is offering, don’t hesitate to kick him out through the front door.

Ideally, your business should make $3 for every $1 you spend on Google Ads. 72% of people that run campaigns on Google Ads increase their PPC budget because they clearly can clearly see returns. So if you don’t feel inclined to increase your budget or you don’t see returns, that is a clear indication that you need a  new marketer. 

Remember the old saying; “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.” Don’t allow an amateur marketer to make you the loser. It is time for you to see results and HellMedia is here to help you.

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