I’m Dead Fuckin’ Serious… Do it NOW

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Sometimes “later” becomes “never”.
Everyone I’ve met has at least one realistic dream they’d like to see come true.

They’d like to have a good body. Or be nicer. Or learn a hobby. But when I ask them what they’re doing to make it come true, almost always, stripping away the wishy-washy, what I hear is “nothing”. Not surprising. Our brains were wired to be short-sighted.

Procrastination isn’t a mark of the lazy. It’s the default, a mark of normality.

Power Saving mode IS OVER Guys!!

Any Narcissists in the Place?

Digital Marketing Blog Toronto

Honestly, I think that hiding ‘likes’ is the best move Instagram has come up with in a long time.

I mean it. I really do

Anyway, we never sold LIKES and we help businesses to build real and lasting engagement.

So, I won’t cry for the kiddos of the industry.

I actually think Instagram started as an incredible social platform where everyone can be imaginative and share their own standpoints, but then things like ‘likes’ & ‘feed aesthetics took over and honestly scrap the platform.

I’m all in guys !!

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Digital Marketing Blog Toronto

Let’s have a lil fun with one of our Influencers.

Here are 3 reasons WHY it’s Important to have fun at work.

◾️ Fun Is In The Equation Of Balance
◾️ Fun Gives You Strength To Go Further
◾️ People Are More Productive When They Don’t Neglect Fun

So, let’s have some fun now!

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