Hmmm… not sure.

Many believe that a company must fit with its clients. Ok. But if a company had to bend, change and shift to accommodate each customer, where is the consistency in service?  We pride ourselves as the ultimate solution providers but the question is do you have a problem we want to solve? Do your core values align with ours? We need good synergy, you and I. Or you can kiss your marketing budget goodbye.

Truth is, at HellMedia we do things differently around here, and there’s a very good reason for that. Experience has taught us that YOU need to be just as invested in your success and we will certainly be. It’s the only way to get the best out of YOUR marketing.


Having a great business or product is important but what matters more is how you handle the marketing. We know from experience that underestimating its impact can stifle your growth and wreak havoc on your business in the long run.

At HellMedia, we are all about marketing and we know a strong partnership with our client is critical for a prosperous outcome for us both. We don’t think of you as just a business deal or a way to make quick money, we see you as partners we are willing to embark on a success journey with. We are 100% committed to growing your brand and amplifying your business DNA. We are dedicated to meeting the needs, vision and intrinsic values of the decision-maker.

Your success really isn’t all about us and what we do. On your part as an entrepreneur and true representative of your company, you must have the capacity to feed us all you know and explain the big picture with as much willingness and passion as you can muster.  Without you, we will be unable to reproduce your distinct business DNA, in any marketing capacity, successfully. That’s a fact.

INVEST YOUR TIME TO START IT RIGHT. Cutting corners doesn’t pay.

In all my 20 years as a marketer I can say for a fact that we are not magicians. Yes, people want the easiest way out but that is not the truth about marketing. Investing a little bit of your time and being engaged in the process is mandatory. If you think that dumping thousands of dollars on a marketing strategy (not of your own making!) will result in sales, profits and the good life, you’re wrong and we shouldn’t waste each other’s time.

Real marketing takes time… time to build awareness, time to get to know your audience, time to study your metrics and time to strategize next steps from where you actually are, not where you think you may be.

CAUTIOUS, NOT FAKE. Seriously, keep it real.  

Us two, we need to talk. We need to understand your service, product and ideology before accepting the great task of promoting your business to the masses. Your vision needs to align with our core values too, because we take pride in making money with ideas we support and believe-in ourselves.  As professionals, we must give 100% of our focus and abilities for every task we’re billing and we’d be lying if we feigned interest in your ultimate goals.

Know where you want to go and we’ll take you there, fast. If you’re in the market for someone to tell you where to go with your own business, we must gracefully decline the journey. If you’re ready to take this journey with us, and you’re willing to be as invested in your business success as we’ll surely be, it would be our pleasure to work with you!

Yeah, okkkk. We probably sound a bit too sure of ourselves right about now… thanks for noticing! It’s also true that we’re not the cheapest provider in town… uhmmmm, yup.

We know people are pointing fingers and whispering behind our backs but guess what…

WE. DON’T. CARE. The proof is in the profit. At the end of the day, it’s all about fantastic ROI… agreed? Excellent.

You’re killin your business, lazy ass!

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Stop using Covid19 as your excuse.

When the world shut down back in March 2020, it sent the economy into a tailspin. Business owners were faced with unprecedented challenges, and many of them balked at an uncertain future. Employees were either laid off or fired to save money as establishments were forced to shut down.

Guess what?! WE’RE ALL GOING THROUGH THE SAME SHIT. No one is immune so stop your crying and roll up your sleeves.

Somewhere along the pandemic path, we thought it would be a good idea to sing songs, create silly videos unrelated to our business goals and commiserate in cringe-worthy, kumbayah moments that “we are all in this together.”

Between sanitizing our hands and deciding which PPE masks to accessorize with, we forgot that we live in a capitalist society where the ONLY true business objective is making money; or at least, it should be. We protected our faces, but we forgot about our brains and our balls. 

In a state of emergency, we have lost sight of our visions for expansion, and we ran from our passion for profitable growth

We also forgot how to advertise to our core demographic. This past spring saw a trend toward coddling customers instead of flexing our marketing muscles. So careful were businesses not to upset the status quo in crises that we became lambs instead of lions. And with a second wave of COVID on the rise, business owners are faced with yet another chance to flounder once again. 

“If you want to stay in business, you can’t stay idle for long… Being conservative feels like a safe choice when there’s uncertainly about how long the crisis will last. But we have to balance financial responsibility with the need to keep consumers informed and engaged when things get tough.”

In a survey conducted in July 2020, 62.3% percent of marketers noted that marketing initiatives were even more critical during the pandemic. And with online sales peaking at a 43% increase within a span of three months, the opportunities to advertise and sell are ripe for the picking. 

“Even as marketing budgets are shrinking, marketers still expect an 8.4% increase in digital marketing spending over the next year. The challenge for marketers is how to use their digital dollars wisely to impact the customer experience.”

So, please! It’s not COVID’s fault, it’s yours. You are not embracing channels that drive sales, customer loyalty and… profit!!

The second wave won’t be kinder so is your business fighting or fleeing? Will you cozy up and cry into your face covering, or will you embrace the chance to make some cold, hard cash?

The truth is that we are not ‘all in this together;’ the time is now to act in a way that will put your company on top. That is unless you interpret COVID-19 as just another unpaid vacation.

Innovate or Bust

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Pay attention to this. It is a life or death situation!

The world is changing and so is the way we do business. Forget whatever you know or use to do. Welcome to the new school. Yes, it is a life or death situation, at least for your business.

Once upon a time, paper fliers were great for advertising. The jingle on the radio and big ads on TV. You probably have so much information about how they worked and pulled in millions of dollars in profit for brands who used them. What you don’t know is that that age is passing.

Something else is pulling in billions of dollars for smart businesses today and if you find yourself struggling to generate leads, it simply is because you aren’t using it.

We present to you two choices, upscale your business or watch the competition do better than you.

We know you won’t choose the death of your business, nobody will. So we gladly give you the secret you’ve been waiting for. Your best choice to level up and generate more sales and make more profit than you can imagine. We present to you the holy grail of marketing – Online Advertising


Every day, 2.6 billion people use social media. That is 2.6 billion chances of bringing home a sale. If you are not getting a good share of this huge number, it means you are not trying to and that is what you need to start doing.

Online advertising simply is using online channels to deliver promotional content. Don’t believe all those stories about it being all for entertainment. Billions of dollars in profit is clear evidence that this works.

If an image speaks more than a thousand words, put this image where all can see it.

Social media lets you do much more than putting up images, they let you put up videos that arrest your customers and make them give you their money. Yes! Videos have 40% more conversion rates than text or images.

Upscale your business now and take it to the next level with platforms like TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter ads.

Remember that every new day someone who needs your product or service signs up or logs on to these platforms but they will never see what you have to offer and you know why? It is because you are not there.



It really would be useless if you have worked so hard to make your product or service the best and nobody gets to see it. We will call that a waste of time and effort. Pure shame!

Answer this honest question; Can the world really see you? If you are in the Catering business in Toronto and I search for ‘best caterer in Toronto’ do you think your business will show up on a search engine like Google? Does your answer show you need a serious game-changer? Then stop sitting down and come get help.

It is no use if people can’t find you online. This is the new marketplace and for you to survive here you need to clearly show your presence. It is the only way to save your business from dying.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO allows your business to rank on search engines and become visible to people who need you.

At HellMedia, we have helped countless businesses find their place in the digital world with online advertising and SEO. We want you to succeed and we are willing to help.

Enjoy our special offer of a free 30-minutes consultation and watch as we help you get more sales than you can handle.

Call us now on 6478124613

Bored with Social Media?

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CO-CREATE PRODUCTS – Companies using social platforms can crowd source ideas from their consumer community. This could include product ideas, evaluation of the ideas by the crowd and the continuing modification and evolution of the products and services to produce a better product that better meets needs.

MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS – Marketing interaction was limited in the past to snail mail and was costly and slow. Now we have communication that is effectively close to zero cost and provides feedback in minutes. Marta Pozniakowski (Remax Equinox), can now get in touch with investors almost 24/24 and provided the best leads on GTA’ properties with a one-click email newsletter.

LEAD GENERATION – Sales opportunities required telemarketing & expensive advertising to make the phone ring. B2B companies are now discovering the power of social networks to attract customers and drive inbound inquiries. Displaying a company’s expertise via blogs / whitepapers / eBooks are transforming how professional services companies market their business. Training companies such as CLC Training have created online tools that allow their customers to become much more efficient with the use of their construction software.

COLLABORATION – Social technologies are improving organisational performance by making collaboration and co-creation efficient both internally and with external suppliers and partners. This reduces time spent in face-to-face meeting and ensuring that best practice is followed & shared. Companies such as Pink Media uses social technologies to run hundred of events virtually with only 11 employees and is spread across 3 countries.

MATCHING TALENTS TO ROLES – Social platforms such as LinkedIn provide insights into people’s skills, passions & interests that provide a more complete picture of a candidate than a one-dimensional resume will ever achieve.
We’re 😈


Marketing vs Covid-19

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Do you think you will get your return on investment? Who are you kidding? 

Say goodbye to the money lost in the last three months! #statingfacts

Your competitors are one step ahead of you, while you scramble? Well, kudos to him, not to you tho!

You had three months to get your social media up and running. Instead, you have 200 posts! SHAME ON YOU

What the hell are you waiting for? You are the king of your business and only you can let it expand. Take things in your hand, be the change you want to see, and flourish.

Nobody has the answer to what life will be like after COVID-19. But digital marketing and social media are not going anywhere. In that case, I have only one thing to say – let’s get our shit together! Oh, stop getting offended, we just need a redefined marketing strategy.

Here’s some food for thought:

  1. Record those videos -in the process be more present, visible, and human!

2. Don’t cater to a set of nobodies. Know and engage your audience! Is there a thing called talking too much? 

3. Park your cash carefully! Hoard it like toilet paper.

4. Sow now to reap the results later! When competition dies, are you ready to take on the overflow?

5. Reschedule all your timelines. Let go of whatever you have done and start afresh. Sigh… feels good, doesn’t it?

6. Change your narrative and renew strategies!

7. Post relevant content. People don’t really care about your cute puppies all the time. That’s what a personal account is for!

8. Stop soliciting pity and spread positivity – that’s what people need the most.

9. What PROBLEM do you solve? Be valuable on their screen time.

Need a lil guidance about it? Well, We’re there for you.

Love Animals?

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You should take a look at our new Animals Instagram account >> @xclusively.paws

Exclusive Media did another friggin good job!!

Never heard heard about EXCLUSIVE MEDIA? Really?
Where have you been for the last couple of years…
Living under a rock?

EXCLUSIVE MEDIA is a social stem of Marketing Agency, HellMedia Inc. Focused on organic & targeted Instagram growth, this service was designed to help increase both traffic and audience spectrum. Artists, Entrepreneurs, Models, Influencers or larger businesses, we have the talent to elevate your presence.

Personal ambition or business strategy, we can take you there,
starting now!

Toronto, Mind Your Business

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It’s ONLINE guys!
Check out our new TORONTO MY VIBE Instagram Account.

– Trendy places,
– Best restaurants in the Six,
– Playlist ideas
– Best professionals
– Events

Another great idea from EXCLUSIVE MEDIA – The Instagram Growth Service in Toronto.

Need more exposure?
How about more customers?
Get targeted locally, in an instant.
Don’t wait
Advertise with @Toronto.MyVibe

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Never heard heard about HELLMEDIA? Really?
Where have you been for the last couple of years…
Living under a rock?

EXCLUSIVE MEDIA is a social stem of Marketing Agency, HellMedia Inc. Focused on organic & targeted Instagram growth, this service was designed to help increase both traffic and audience spectrum. Artists, Entrepreneurs, Models, Influencers or larger businesses, we have the talent to elevate your presence.

Need a Boost with your Social Media?

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Always FUNNY to see so many digital marketing pundits recommending your friends & family to support you in your brand to help grow your business!! REALLY?

No wonder why the lack of marketing knowledge cited as the number one reason entrepreneurs fail.

Please guys, it’s maybe time to build a REAL growth strategy based on…

1. Understanding of your audience
2. Talk WITH them, not AT them…
3. Create beautiful & original visual
4. Tell us your story
5. Add calls-to-action

Too Complicated or lack of free time?
CALL US NOW for a small consultation.

Real Estate Pundit (or wannabe)

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Some industries are slower than others.
In Toronto, it is even worse, where roughly 20% of Real Estate Agents sell more than 80% of the homes on the market.

First reason why most real estate agents fail in 2019 is there do not use Instagram to attract.
What is so complicated to understand?

So dear Real Estate Agents, repeat after me.
Instagram is important for my real estate business.
Instagram is important for my real estate business.
Instagram is important for my real estate business.

Now, friggin get up, pick up your phone, and post.

Fear of … Fear?

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Is Fear Stopping You From Achieving Your Personal Goals? ️

Matt Mayberry said “High achievers, regardless of occupation, understand that taking risks & massive action is a vital part in getting from where you are to where you want to go. And that goes for in life — and in business.” Here are three ways Matt suggested to overcome fear immediately.

1. Rewire your brain. Rewiring your brain is one of the surest ways to overcome your fears & develop the courage that is needed to get to where you want to go. Develop mantras & affirmations that build you up and increase your self-confidence.

2. Have a well thought out plan. We begin to worry & over analyze situations when we don’t have detailed & well thought out plans for our life. Set extremely clear goals with a detailed plan on how to achieve those goals. After you have a well detailed plan, take action. Taking action towards meaningful goals helps to relieve stress. Fear creeps in and paralyzes us when we don’t take the time to plan our lives.

3. Do one thing every day that scares you. Living in our comfort zone is not the best way to live. Not doing the things that frighten you will increase the likelihood that your fears will become bigger – and taking over your life. It can even be something small that you choose to do, but do something daily that scares you. Step out of your comfort zone and work on becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable.
When you form the habit of doing something daily that scares you, your courage grows little by little. Soon enough, the barriers that once were holding you back vanish & your potential maximizes tremendously.

Thank you Matt for such good explanations.

-Matt Mayberry is a Speaker, Maximum Performance Strategist & CEO of Matt Mayberry Enterprises. ️