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Bored with Social Media?

CO-CREATE PRODUCTS – Companies using social platforms can crowd source ideas from their consumer community. This could include product ideas, evaluation of the ideas by the crowd and the continuing modification and evolution of the products and services to produce a better product that better meets needs.

MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS – Marketing interaction was limited in the past to snail mail and was costly and slow. Now we have communication that is effectively close to zero cost and provides feedback in minutes. Marta Pozniakowski (Remax Equinox), can now get in touch with investors almost 24/24 and provided the best leads on GTA’ properties with a one-click email newsletter.

LEAD GENERATION – Sales opportunities required telemarketing & expensive advertising to make the phone ring. B2B companies are now discovering the power of social networks to attract customers and drive inbound inquiries. Displaying a company’s expertise via blogs / whitepapers / eBooks are transforming how professional services companies market their business. Training companies such as CLC Training have created online tools that allow their customers to become much more efficient with the use of their construction software.

COLLABORATION – Social technologies are improving organisational performance by making collaboration and co-creation efficient both internally and with external suppliers and partners. This reduces time spent in face-to-face meeting and ensuring that best practice is followed & shared. Companies such as Pink Media uses social technologies to run hundred of events virtually with only 11 employees and is spread across 3 countries.

MATCHING TALENTS TO ROLES – Social platforms such as LinkedIn provide insights into people’s skills, passions & interests that provide a more complete picture of a candidate than a one-dimensional resume will ever achieve.
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Bored with Social Media?

CO-CREATE PRODUCTS – Companies using social platforms can crowd source ideas from their consumer community.

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